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In the mid 1800's, settlers moved west in search of opportunity, and they brought with them their faith and their traditions of worship. Earlier in the century, people searching for unity and a simple way to worship had formed "the Restoration Movement", seeking to throw off all man-made denominational ties and seek only to be like the Christians of the first century.  Many of these adherents to this young movement came to the Orleans area.  Following this vein of thinking, the congregation at Orleans was formed in 1867.  They originally met in a building they built on East Jackson St.  In the spring of 1919, as the congregation was out-growing its present structure, property was bought on the corner of Jackson and Maple streets.  The current main building was built there and was dedicated in November of 1920.  Over the years, changes were needed; the education wing (with the current lower foyer, the bathrooms and the west classrooms of the main building), which was added in 1963; air-conditioning was added in 1970 and the basement remodeled into its current configuration; an elevator/lift was added for the handicapped; and then the current parking lots and Unity Hall in 2009.


Even as we continue in our 150 years of service, it is our hope that we still hold tight to the ideals of the founders of this congregation: to be a light for Christ in this community and the surrounding area and to hold firmly to the Word of God as our guide.  Our methods may change, but our message does not: Jesus Christ is Lord and is our only way to the Father.


God bless our continued efforts to carry His light to all who need to see.

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