Immediate Prayer List:

We will keep people on this list for 3 weeks; if it needs to be longer, please let us know. If you would like something or someone added to the prayer list, please email us at

**Catherine Anderson

*Dwayne Baughman Family

*Monica Bennett

*Roger Blanton

**Scott Butler

**Judy Connerly

*John Derringer Family

*Brendan Dotts

Wally Gilbert

*Cruz Hall

*Willow Hall

**The Hamilton Family

**Barbara Hellenburg Family

*Gloria Hilkey

*James Holt

*Kim Hudleson

Tropical Storm Victims


Teachers and Students


Youth Programs

* Second week on prayer list

** Third week on prayer list

*Paula Keltner

*Weston Magill

**Max Meredith

*Nancy Morgan

**Linda Musselwhite Family

**Pam Parsons

*Sawyer Smith

*Don Stantz Family

*Christina Stiles

**Mike Terrell

*Chad & Jenny Terry

**Kathy Tucker

Ongoing Prayer Concerns:

Regina Alden

Sheila Allen

Larry Anderson

Marie Anderson  

Angie Basinger

Eddie Bazin

Jim Blackwell

Brian Boone

Kenny Bundy

Martin Charles

Sue Charles  

Bill Clark   

Danny Clipp Jr.   

Jerry Cooper 

Sandy Cooper     

Camden Cooprider

Beth Kielhorn-Couch

Lou Ann Crockett   

Leon Dorléans

Tommy Drury

Tom Eberle  

Judy Fish

Mark Frentz Stetson Garwood

Bethany Gehl

Lee Gerkin

Luca George

Zachary George

Grace Grace

Norma Griffith

Carson Hackney

Lela Hackney    

Shelly Hamm

Chuck Hardin

Natasha Hopper

Scott Hopper

Adam Humphreys

Hope Jordan

John Lower

Jerry Ludwig

Helen Magill  

Steve Medlock

Katie Morris  

Lesia Oakley

Kris Owsley

Connie Parks

Brent Rains

Brandy Ream

Penny Rhoda

Howard Rutherford    

Larry Saliba

Susan Saliba

Kash Shawler

Michael Smith

Chancey Stewart

Darren Terry 

Frank Tillett 

Nancy Tillett

Ronnie Turner

Deanna Wade

Greg Ward

Wayne Ward

Paige Williams

Roberta Williams

Encouragement List

Phil Mininger

C/O Habitat for Humanity

1075 N, Sandy Hook Rd Suite 4 Paoli, IN 47454


Kris Owsley

7093 W. Wonder Valley Rd.

Salem, IN 47167


Penny Rhoda

129 Eastern Heights Dr.

Bedford, IN 47421


Loren Vandagrifft

167 S. 4th St.

Orleans, IN 47452

Those in the Military

Nick Bartlett

Shannon Bradford

Dale J. Burton

Logan Cain

Seth Carter          

Keith Clipp

Kaleb Figg

Damion Gaddis

Jerrod Hammes

Jacob Herbert  

Owen Jenkins

Kevin Johnosn

Shane Jones

Kendyl Lamb       

Michael Lantis    

Chris Lawyer       

Jeffrey Malaki    

Chad Smith        

Chris Swank       

Greg  Swayer      

Michael Thompson 

Taylor Tritle         

Sam Westfall       

Jason Willard

Birthdays For Those Over 80

1st - Mildred Lindley

2801 E Marson Drive Apt 11

Sioux Falls, SD  57103


 2nd - Helen Magill

444 W Jefferson Street

Orleans, IN  47452


 8th - Mike Fields

590 S. Roosevelt

Orleans, IN 47452

 23rd - John Noblitt

PO Box 296

Orleans, IN  47452


 28th - Marilyn Morgan

5422 W. Co. Rd. 725 N.

Orleans, IN 47452


 29th - Wanda Callahan

Stonecroft Health Campus

363 Fieldstone Blvd.

Bloomington, IN  47403

Members and Friends Who Are Shut-in or in the Nursing Home

Wanda Callahan

Stonecroft Health Campus

363 Fieldstone Blvd.,

Bloomington, IN 47403

LouAnn Crockett

Paoli Health & Living

559 W Longest Street

Paoli IN  47454

Marcella Dalton


1510 Clinic Dr. Room #112

Bedford, IN 47421

Carol Elliott

389 S. Mathers St.

Orleans IN 47452   

Thelma Herrington

Paoli Health & Living

559 W Longest Street

Paoli, IN  47454 

Helen Magill

Paoli Health & Living

559 W Longest Street

Paoli, IN  47454 

Roberta Williams

657 E Vincennes Street

Orleans, IN  47452

We Care Page

We as a congregation want to care for the sick, the hurting and the shut-ins of our community.  We also want to honor those who have reached their 80th birthday or beyond, or who serve our country in the military.  Contained on this page are the names and addresses of these people. They could use your encouragement with some kind of contact--send them a card or a little token of esteem to brighten their day!